Thank you to our clients, colleagues, friends and family for a great ride!

Many of you know that Jim Verdonik has been traveling and writing and has generally been trying to phase out of the day-to-day practice of law for a few years now. So, to enable Jim to continue that journey, we are "closing shop" - so to speak. We will be shutting down Innovate Capital Law and Benji will be returning "home" to work with her great friends and super attorneys at Smith Anderson (which is the firm where she originally “cut her teeth” as a baby lawyer and honed her skills for over 19 years). Benji and Jim began working together immediately thereafter.

We started Innovate Capital Law over five years ago and have been thrilled to have had the opportunity to advise so many interesting clients. Benji’s move to Smith Anderson should only continue the good thing we started with Innovate Capital Law.

Please stay in touch! We will continue to receive emails at our ICL accounts for a while, but please note our new contact information:

Benji: 919-673-4301 (cell) 919-821-6712 (work)
Jim: (919) 616-3225 (cell)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!